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Bays & Locations
With bays and locations, you can record the storage location(s) of 1 or many items taken in on pawn. These entries can be viewed and edited at any time. The bay and/or location are conveniently displayed on the loan payments screen as well as printed on the redemption receipt and collection chits.
CD/DVD Barcodes
Gone are the days of entering each CD, DVD and Game manually. With our barcode database access over 300,000 titles just by scanning the barcode on the rear of the disc case. Updated daily with new and old titles and many coming from the distributors themselves. Pawnit365 is the biggest and most up to date available to pawnbrokers & second-hand dealers.
Always have a complete history of all the comments placed on a customers file. Each comment is stamped with the date, time, location and staff member who made the comment. Comments are displayed chronological order making them easy to read and the latest comment is displayed directly on the customer detail screen.
Keep all relevant customer information in the one location. There is no need for separate customer databases. Customers are shared between all of your sites for instant use. You can benefit from the use of the customer rating system and alerts. You can even store mobile phone numbers and email addresses and keep a photo of the customer on file.
Pawn and buy dockets comply fully with all state and territory rules and regulations. A buy docket prints on a plain white A4 page. There are several options available in relation to Pawn/Loan dockets. From A4 to A5 and 3 Part, there is a docket type already built in for everyone.
With a simple, quick and effective Laybys system it is a breeze to turn any sale in to a layby at the click of a button. Taking a layby payment is just as quick and as simple. Payments can be taken right from the customer menu in just the same manner as loan payments.
Loan Holds
From Customer to Staff and Police requests, any loan can be placed on hold. You can specify a date in which the loan is to be removed from the holding period. All holds request a reason for the hold so there is always a record of this hold. Again all holds are stamped with the date and time as well as the staff member creating or releasing the hold.
Loan Payments
Whether you are processing an interest/extension payment or doing a redemption, or even multiples of each, these payments can be taken quickly and effortlessly from one screen in one go. You can choose what method of payment is going to be used, you can even use multiple payment methods. A tendered screen makes this easy and the change is even displayed.
Loans & Buys
Quickly and effortlessly process a new buy or loan. Loans can be made up of new items, previously pawned items or both. Loan durations can be for any period depending on state and territory regulations. Multiple interest rates can be set based upon the overall loan principal and discounts of interest at time of redemption is also available.
Loans to Retail
With a quick tick of a box you can transfer any overdue loan into a retail stock item. With a label printer setup, stock labels can be printed on the spot ready to be placed on the transferred items. With our SMS facility you can instantly send an overdue reminder SMS to your customers right from the Loans to Retail screen. You can even view previous Loans to Retail processes.
Misc Stock Sales
Have some orphan stock you want to sell? Not to worry, With the Misc Stock Sales option you can sell any piece of stock that does not have a stock number. If you know the origin of this item you can select it at the time of sale as well as the cost price. You can even generate labels for stock that doesn’t have a stock number.
Operate multiple sites/stores with ease. With our could based system all your stores can take benefit of sharing data. Customer’s files will be visible at all locations and well as all their loans, history and comments. Take loan and layby payments for other locations and transfer stock items from store to store with little effort. You can even search for stock at other locations.
Taking advantage of Tabs, Muti-Tasking is made easy. Each function opens in a new tab allowing you to simply move backward and forwards through the program without having to close other screens. Imagine being able to process a quick sale while writing up a lengthy loan or being in the middle of a loans to retail process. With Multi-Tasking, simply click back on the main menu and start a new sale. When the sale is complete, click back on the new loan or loan to retail process.
My Pawn
Give your customers the freedom to check the status and payout figure of their loan(s) online at their own convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even when you’re closed. Each pawn docket has a unique code which can be used on the My Pawn website. All codes are active for up to 12 months after the expiry of the loan.
Police Files
We automatically process and submit your police file to the police nightly depending on your state or territory. For those in which automated police files are not yet available, the police file facility can generate these files quickly and simply for supply to your local police force.
Pricing & Labels
Pricing of your stock could not be any easier. With a dedicated function for this purpose it is easy to stay on top of all your pricing. Pricing can be filtered between, Loans, Buys and by origin or stock number. Labels can be automatically generated at time of pricing. Labels are available for both general and jewellery items.
Pricing Guide
Training new staff or unsure on what to pay for an item? With the pricing guide we can show you a recommended price on what to pay for an item. Every day the pricing guide is updated based on what other stores are paying for items over the past 6 month period. The pricing guide is recommended to be used as a reference only.
In the unfortunate circumstance where you need to issue a refund or cancel a layby, the refunds facility will be able to help you process these refunds simply and easily. Each refunded item will need to be supplied with a valid reason as to the refund, this is recorded along with the date, time and staff member completing the refund. A signature docket can also be printed as a record of the customer receiving a refund.
Remote Support
Need Help? Remote support is only a click away with our embedded remote support software. A support officer can quickly and easily connect to your machine and offer world class help and support regards of what the issue may be. Rest assured that we cannot just randomly connect to your computer. You do need to provide the operator with a code before they can connect to your PC.
Every good business needs good reporting. There is a pleather of reports available. Reports are split between store level and organisational level. These reports include but are not limited to Store Performance, Staff Performance, Loans, Buys, Retail Sales, GST and etc. Most reports can be saved in PDF format to a PC and some can be created directly into Microsoft Excel®.
Retail Sales
Make the most out of the integrated POS functionality. Process retail sales with ease, simply scan the barcode on a stock item label with a connected barcode scanner, apply a discount, enter the tendered information including support for multiple split payment methods and print a receipt on supported POS docket printers. If you have a cash drawer connected, it can be set to open automatically.
Run Sheets
Take a quick glance at the loan/buy or retail transactions the store has processed for the current day. A great tool to help staff reach daily targets. All transactions are sorted in chronological order for ease of use.
Nothing is more important than the security of your data. Our servers are protected by various strong level usernames and passwords as well as both software and hardware firewalls. Data is transferred to and from the servers over secured connections. PC's will need to be registered on the network and can just as easily be removed once no longer needed or in a rare case of theft.
Smart Search
Search for anything just like you would in google™. It doesn’t matter if it’s a customer, loan/buy items or stock items, you use the exact same search facility and method. You can type in a full name, part of a name, serial number or model number. Search on a customers address or town/suburb, put their first name first or last it doesn’t matter with Smart Search.
SMS Messaging
Send SMS messages directly from within the system. Doesn’t matter if it is a reminder message or an ad-hoc message just to let the customer know they left their ID in the store. You can do it quickly and without any fuss. Reminder SMS's can be setup with a template so there is no need to continue to type the same message over and over again.
Staff Management
Manage what your staff can access within the system with staff access and group permissions. For multiple stores you can choose where the staff member can login and cannot. Give your managers the store administration code to override various permissions on a case by case basis, like providing a discount on redemption. There are also various reports available to show staff performance.
Stock Details
Keep track of all your stock with the stock details functionality. Know where your stock is at all times and also see the history of where the stock item has been. Flag your stock for repair or on sale with Ebay™. If the stock item is unrepairable it can simply be disposed of including a reason for the disposal. This can be later reported on. Stock Details also tells you is the stock item has been sold and who to.
Stock Enquiries
Looking for a piece of stock in your own store or even at another location? Use the stock enquires functionality with Google™ like search to hunt down the item. You can search using item name, serial number, IMEI No, model number or any other part of the items description.
Stock Purchases
Selling any new/factory seconds or other stock that you would like to be in your computerised stock list but does not fall under pawning or buying? With Stock Purchases you can enter the stock into the database, give it an existing stock number, use its supplied barcode or give it one of your own. You can even print a stock label if you like.
Stock Transfers
If you operate various sites/locations and you want to move stock between your stores, with the stock transfer facility this process is a breeze. Just simple select the destination site, scan or enter the stock to be transferred and with the click of a button its available at the destination to be transferred in.
Stocktaking could not be any easier. Create 1 stocktake or create many. Stocktake on your terms in your own time. Once finished with your stocktake simply process and generate the results. Stocktaking provides you with 2 ending reports outlining stock that is missing as well as stock that may no longer be in the system but is still present.
Stolen Items
Reduce the risk of taking stolen items with the stolen items database. Simple enter any items that have been reported to you by members of the public or any item that may have been stolen from your own store. When performing a loan/buy this database is referenced and any matches are displayed. This database is a shared database and is available to all users of the system.
Stay on top of all the daily tasks with the task list. Reminders to loans to retail, overdue laybys, produce police files and many other tasks generated daily. You can also enter other specific task and direct them to all stores, individual stores and all/specific staff member. Staff member can mark off the tasks as they go and can provide feedback or reasons for not completing a task.
Till Balancing
At the end of the day, balancing the till is never a favoured task. With the till balancing module the end of day process can be a little less daunting. Simple type in the money in the drawer and the software will tell you if the till is over/under or a perfect balance. You can even print of a balance sheet to keep for your own records.
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