Some of your Questions:

Q. Who can use Pawnit365?

Any licenced Pawnbokers and/or Second-hand dealers, Scrap Metal Merchants, Gold Buying Merchants and Cheque Cashing providers can use Pawnit365.

Q. Can I use my own Hardware?

Yes, most modern hardware is compatible with the Pawnit365 system. If you have some old hardware, dont worry, we can sort you out with a newer alternative.

Q. What if my Internet goes down?

Many of our customers choose to protect themseleves against internet outages by having a 3G/4G backup option handy, if you have WiFi this could be as simple as tethering to your exisiting mobile phone with no additional costs incurred (excludes data usage charges from your mobile provider)

Q. Can I backup my own data?

Our servers backup your data every hour. This puts alot of our customers at ease.

Q. What is the Pawnit365 Cloud?

The Pawnit365 Cloud is situatied inside a high avaliablity, maximum secuirty tier 1 data center located in Sydney, Australia. This ensures our customers 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

The cloud offers better insight and visibility allowing for rapid development of new products and services. No more server crashes and lost data! The results are proven! Companies that have switched to the cloud have seen a 25% reduction in IT cost

Q. Is my data safe?

We know that the security of your data is important to you. We have invested in Business Class technologies and have partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Pawnit365 stores your data at one of the most secure data storage facility in Australia.

Q. Can I use my own pawn dockets?

Pawnit365 comes fully loaded with an A4, A5 and a 3 Part pawn dockets built right in. There is a docket type for everyone.

Q. Can Pawnit365 print jewellery labels?

Absolutly, With the right label printer and the Pawnit365 jewellery labels you can label any peice of jewellery that comes over the counter.

Q. How many stores currently use Pawni365?

To date there is currently 89 stores running Pawnit365 through-out Australia.

Q. What is is our eCommerce marketplace for all Pawnit365 users to seamlessly and instantly list stock on the Internet. Think of like eBay for pawnshops.

Q. Can I use my exisiting CD/DVD database?

Pawnit365 boasts over 300,000 Cd's and Dvd's in its already existing and ever growing shared user database. If you would like to contribute to the shared database it would be completly welcome.

Q. What if I choose to leave Pawnit365?

We dont like to see any of our customers go. If you're not 100% happy and you would like to leave then we will be happy to return your data to you apon payment of the data extraction fee.